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NC Dream Productions Races

We strive to put on the easiest, fun, relaxed, and honest races. Every race is considered to be it's own. Buckles, prizes, and other awards are to be given daily. We may decide to do some averages or other types of races in the future.

What We Offer: Services

Chase Your Dreams Annual Memorial Trailer Race

This is our biggest race of the year! The NC Dream Team puts in a lot of work to make this race happen. Along with daily awards, we give away a horse trailer! We are starting off with giving away a bumper pull trailer. My goal is to grow and eventually give away a living quarters trailer.
In 2023 we started our scholarship program. We are SO thankful for everyone willing to participate and help us continue on this adventure! 
Dreams come in all shapes and sizes, and we want to help you chase yours.

Random Trailer Drawing

Everyone has a chance to win! 

It's simple! Just pay the trailer fee! All classes have the ability to enter into the drawing. Even though the race is multiple days, you do NOT have to run every day to qualify for the trailer. Each entry is per horse per day. The more horses you run the more chances you have at winning. You can walk, trot, lope, run, hit a barrel, break pattern, or get a no time. As long as you cross the timer and give it your 100% best shot you're in the drawing! Drawing will be done by a random number generator online, video results posted on Facebook, and trailer will be awarded on Sunday.

You do NOT have to be present to win the trailer. Once the video is posted, you have 30 minutes to be in contact with me. If no communication is made, we will redraw!


Youth Sponsorship Opportunity

NC Dream Productions each year will pick one (or more) youth rider to sponsor. Our first place sponsored rider will get the option to pick one of the following options.1.) Help with monthly race fees and expenses or 2.) One entry fee paid into a large race. Examples Xtreme Million Races, NBHA Supershow, etc. If we have other picks they will get help with race fees and expenses. In return all we ask is to treat us as family. By adding you to our team we offer help, kids camp, any knowledge we have, support, and friendship. Our goal is to grow a barrel racing family, not just a year.

How To Win

We will announce when it's time to submit entries. Ages 17 and under only. We are asking for a written/typed essay about what your goals are, and what you are doing to achieve them. Those goals don't have to be horse related. Those essays must be post marked and land in my mailbox. Address will be posted when the time has come to submit. 

Horse with the Most Heart Award

This award is my favorite. Who are we as competitors without our most reliable steed. Every horse has a story, and we want to hear about it! Our team here at NC Dream Productions will pick 5 stories to post at our Chase Your Dreams Race. Everyone who attends the race will have the ability to vote. There will be a table set up with the stories and jars to collect tickets. On the final day we will count the tickets and award our champion!
How To Enter
Please submit a written/typed letter with your champions story. We want to know the ups, the downs, the blessings, the heartbreaks, the lessons, or any other story that your champion has to tell. What makes your horse have the Heart of A Champion.
Announcements will be made when we are accepting new candidates. Essays must be post marked and land in my mail box. Dates and address will be given when entries open.


Scholarship Programs

We are offering two different scholarship opportunities. Both are called the Chase Your Dream Scholarship, but they will be awarded to two different types of applicants. The first one will be awarded to a lucky high school student. Freshman through Senior. The second scholarship will be awarded to an undergraduate. Someone who has not graduated from college or is looking to start college later in life. No specific classes or fields required. All we ask is that you have some type of equine partner in your life helping make your dreams come true. Please check out our Scholarship tab to see more specifics and get information on how to apply.
If you are wanting to donate items, breedings, or money to the scholarship silent auction/programs pleas get in touch with me.

Hope to see you at our races! Please contact me with any questions.

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