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In Loving Memory

On Father’s Day in 2019 Pop and Chris were in a vehicle accident that ended both of their lives. The family wasn't notified until 4 days after the incident and we were devastated. Pop and Chris were the grandparents you saw in movies or read about in stories. They were supportive, filled with knowledge, full of love, and were always there to help. That is where our Chase Your Dreams race originated. They were always there to help me chase mine and now we want to continue on helping others chase theirs.

Michelle Galindo 

Michelle is my actual mom, and the mom to many others in the horse world. She has been an outstanding teacher and horse woman for decades. Michelle is definitely the backbone and goes above and beyond in every way.

Jenna Galindo-Parker

My name is Jenna. I started NC Dream Productions in honor of my grandparents. My goal in doing so, is to keep what they taught me alive. Eventually NC Dream Productions will be more than just barrel races.


Cammy Vanderkolk

Cammy won our judges hearts with her determination and perseverance. We welcomed her to our NC Dream Youth Team in the beginning of 2023. Cammy and her feisty steed Poppy have only been a team for a short while, but in that short while they have jumped leaps and bounds! This team has done in one year what most of us strive to do in five! We can't wait to see where this young rider will go!

Maddy Freeman

Hard work, adult responsibilities, love and understanding for her family is what won us over with Ms. Maddy. The "extra" that she has taken on to pursue her dreams is remarkable.  It was a hands down decision to welcome her into the NC Dream Youth Team in 2023. Maddy has been riding and barrel racing since she was 6 years old. With Maddy's hard work we know Malibu and Rarri will be on top in no time!

Alayna Pierce

This sweet 11 year old warmed our hearts with her positive attitude and uplifting spirit! Alayna isn't just a regular 11 year old you see. She is autistic, but don't let fool you. She is one of the most sweet, outgoing, smart, and talented kids we have gotten to hang out with! Her and Epona have such a beautiful bond! We welcomed them to the NC Dream Youth Team in 2023. We have already witnessed them break their personal best record on the pattern! This team has such a bright future ahead, and we are excited to be a part of it!


Tey Tran

Tey isn't one of our sponsored riders BUT she is a huge part of our team! Her main mount Dollar got hurt in 2023. We offered for her to come ride with us and see if one of our horses would be able to help her finish out her year. She fit Inky like glove! Since then she has become the newest family member and I am so thankful for everything Tey and her Grandma Karen have brought to our lives.

Spud Parker

This is Spud. My Spud Muffin. He is my best traveling partner. If you see us at a race there's a good chance he is with us! He loves people, attention, warm laps, and play time! Come pet him and love on him but please NO food/treats.

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